Steward Publishing is committed to leading and guiding aspiring authors through a step-by-step process of how to write, publish and share their story with the world.  We provide you with exclusive coaching which includes book and content development, and marketing ideas.

You work up close and personal with CEO/President, Kendrea Steward to ensure your vision comes alive.  From start to finish we will provide you with quality service as well as quality products and are committed to ensuring your experience with us is exceptional.

Steward Publishing serves as a company that fully supports our clients and we are not here for ownership but as a guiding agent to lead our clients to a successful pathway of purpose to entrepreneurship as a published author!

We offer our clients the opportunity to publish through Steward Publishing which serves as an endorser of their complete book. We also walk them through a step-by-step process via Write Your Book NOW!

Here are a few additional things you should know before considering whether Steward Publishing is the best fit for you as well as if you are the best fit for us:

  1. Steward Publishing serves as a self-publishing company in which clients can use our company as a one-stop shop to meet all of their basic needs. Here you can receive one-on-one coaching, guidance and tools on how to write, publish and market your book as well as provide you with the option of using our printing services where your book can cost as little as $4.00 per copy (cost is contingent upon the number of pages within the book)

  2. We do not accept or support manuscripts with offensive language such as profanity; etc.

  3. When you publish via Steward Publishing you receive 100% profit as we are not here to gain ownership but assist you with the full production of your book project and help bring your message to the masses.

  4. Steward Publishing will not sell or distribute your books for this is done primarily through, local bookstores and the client’s website. However, we do fully endorse our clients and display their books, and promote them at events, on our website; etc.

  5. Submit a request to receive our information packet on our service offerings and receive a 25-minute consultation completely FREE!

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