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Do you struggle with developing a purposeful and prosperous life for yourself while doing what you love and enjoy? Is your life filled with disorganization and you desire clarity to move forward strategically into your vision? Or perhaps you are currently living your dream life but feel stagnant and desire to shift to the next dimension of success.

Did you answer yes to any of the above questions?  If so, Esther Arise Coaching will be a great way to re-position yourself from living a life of stagnation to experiencing true progress and fulfillment!

Prophetess Kendrea is a Marketplace Prophetic Pioneer whose mission is to help others excel both personally and professionally while maintaining their commitment to Christ as a Believers. While on the path to purpose, many are relinquishing Kingdom Principles to experience quick worldly success while robbing themselves of joy in their journey.

What sets Esther Arise a part is Prophetess Kendrea relies not only on her natural abilities and training as a business professional but also on her supernatural abilities to tap into the spiritual realm and use divine insight and inspiration to help her clients dig deeper as it relates to living in their divine purpose.

Prophetess Kendrea has also experienced success as a speaker, trainer, equipper, author and kingdom entrepreneur. Up to date she has written and published (3) books best-selling books with (2) more upcoming. She has been interviewed on two National Christian Television Shows and a Radio Show. She has coached individuals spiritually, personally, professionally and on how to write a book to launch their business by sharing her strategic 7 Step Process on how to Write the Book NOW!


Prophetess Kendrea has proven success in empowering, equipping and training others on how to experience success spiritually, personally and professionally to live the life they were created to live.  If you are ready to connect to your destiny and live a purposeful and prosperous life SIGN UP TODAY and receive a 15-minute consultation FREE!


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