All classes are Biblical principles from the teaching and life of Jesus Christ. These classes are for individuals who are Reborn Again Believers of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Power of Prayer

  • To clearly define prayer, the purpose of prayer and the importance of prayer
  • To arm with wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Prayer Watches of the Lord
  • To equip with prayer strategies to target specific areas for tangible results
  • To understand and identify why all prayers are not answered

Spiritual Warfare

  • To define spiritual warfare, the purpose and understanding of the natural and spiritual realms
  • To properly teach the reason for the invisible war using biblical principles
  • To recognize the strategies of Satan and how to effectively use counter-strategies
  • To equip with the necessary tools of offensive and defensive spiritual weapons


  • To teach Biblical principles of deliverance for individuals commissioned by Jesus Christ
  • To teach strongmen versus demons and how they work together against the Body of Christ
  • To teach and train how to detect demonic influence versus demonic possession
  • To teach how deliverance from demons is obtained and how freedom is maintained


  • To define divine healing, the purpose of healing and how to battle for your body
  • To determine the differences between healing and deliverance and how to deal with challenges
  • To identify the source, reasons and types of sicknesses
  • To teach and train how to properly utilize the gifts of healing and minister healing to the sick
  • To equip with strategies to defeat the enemy in understanding the Biblical basis for healing
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