Prophetess Kendrea Steward is an anointed humble servant leader of God.  She accepted Jesus Christ as her savior at a young age.  Raised in Corinth Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio where her grandparents Reverend James & Joyce Adams were the founders.  They were astronautical in setting a strong example of humility and faithful servant leadership.  Prophetess Kendrea Steward suffered from countless disappointments and rejections which led her astray in the early part of her life.  She was resilient through the power of God who kept her in the season of adversity.

Over ten years ago Prophetess Kendrea Steward met her soulmate, the love of her life Pastor David Steward.  God knitted their hearts together in holy matrimony. They have two beautiful children together.  She displayed her gratefulness to surrendering wholeheartedly to God.  She grew by leaps and bounds spiritually.  She served in her church under multiple ministries and is very passionate about prayer, spiritual warfare and the glory of God.  She founded The Women of Faith Ministry for hurting women in 2011.  She also established a Prayer Line in 2012 for women across the United States.  She created a body care line called Prayer Essentials and Prayer Bracelets. She helped countless women spiritually and financially with various practical needs.

Prophetess Kendrea Steward is very passionate about business and helping people go to the next level.  She worked for Farmers Insurance Group for almost fifteen years as she assertively elevated to Management.  She is a dynamic proven leader in the spiritual and natural realm.

Prophetess Kendrea Steward operated in her faith as she pursued her passion making ministry her life led by the Holy Spirit. Faith Temple Ministries International was birthed in September of 2015 where she became the Co-Pastor.  Prophetess Kendrea faced one of the biggest tragedies of her life as her oldest son was severely injured.  She never canceled Sunday Worship Service and continued to do the work of the Lord despite adversity.

Prophetess Kendrea Steward is a pioneer in pushing people to their purpose with a natural love to build the Kingdom of God.  She experienced many miracles through the power of prayer, laying of hands and the glory of God. Prophetess Kendrea Steward is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies.  She is also the author of three books in her most recent release “I Prophesy Life.”

Prophetess Kendrea Steward was inducted into the office of the Prophet as Prophetess Kelly Crews activated, affirmed, laid hands on her and confirmed the anointing on her life.  She is also preparing to walk into the office as an Apostle.  God has been speaking directly to her for years and has confirmed through her covering Prophetess Kelly Crews and others who walk in the office of the Apostle.  


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